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Welcome to Suzy Sweet Tooth!

Devon fudgeLuckily, I have always loved making and eating fudge, and the general idea of making something so delicious out of such basic wholesome ingredients. I was born and brought up in Devon (apart from a short spell in London) and gravitated back here to settle and grow up!

Since then I realised how important outdoor life is to me and my family, we raise our own pigs, have  chickens and grow our fruit and vegetables and making fudge was a bit of an extension of all the other goodies I tended to make in my kitchen. But I was staggered by the enthusiasm that everybody had when they ate my fudge, so I started selling it in my local farm shop (Lizzys Larder, Milton Damerel) and the rest, as they say, is history.

It really does give me a great (sorry for the cliché) sense of satisfaction from people who eat my fudge and  sort of melt whilst trying to expain how much they enjoyed it.  I am sat in my garden at the moment, and my mechanic has returned my car, I gave him a pack of fudge and he was speechless, well sort of apart from loads of mmmmmmmmmmmmm’s!!  What fun. It’ s sort of a guilty pleasure on my part...

The fudge I make is from an old fashioned recipe which involves an awful lot of standing around and stirring and all that goes into it is whole milk, butter and clotted cream, condensed milk and demerera sugar.

This type of fudge is the crumbly, buttery but melt in your mouth type, it’s rich but not overpoweringly sweet and definitely moreish, you have been warned. I love the fact that a vast proportion of the ingredients come from literally just down the road and from a farm that doesn’t intensely farm, which is a value important to me and a growing number of others.

Devon foodI truly believe that the taste and texture of the fudge benefits, it seems to have a fresher and purer taste. And of course if you are visiting this area and pick up some of my fudge then you really are taking a piece of Devon home with you!!  Mind you I doubt whether it would make it that far.

Anyway back to the process of actually making the I say, it involves a lot of standing around with my pinny on and stirring, you can’t take your eyes off the pot as it comes up to temperature and it is this slow stirring and heating method that gives the fudge its deep intense flavour, that seems to tick all the boxes. It’s definitely not a mass produced product, just me, in my farmhouse stirring and stirring.

If you would like to stock my fudge then please get in contact with me and I will be very happy to talk to you about this.

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A gold for stem ginger fudge and a silver for chilli fudge at the Taste of the West awards 2010

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Crumbly, rich and scrumptious, is the only way to describe the handmade fresh Clotted Cream Devon fudge made traditionally by Suzy, using local butter, clotted cream and milk without any artificial additives or preservatives.


  • Whole milk
  • Butter cream
  • Clotted cream
  • Condensed milk
  • Demerara sugar
  • Lots of stirring!