Heavenly Devon is famed for its remarkable fudge. Wedding favours are small, thoughtful gifts given in appreciation of your wedding guests, an ancient tradition. Put them together than what do you get? Heavenly wedding favours in the shape of hand-made Devon fudge that’s sweet enough to delight your taste buds, but not so sweet it makes your teeth hurt!

If you’re planning on getting married, why not treat your guests to the finest fudge our beautiful county has to offer? Here’s what you need to know.

All about wedding favours

The earliest wedding favour apparently arose in Europe and was called a bonbonniere, something only the aristocracy could afford. A bonbonniere is actually a tiny jewel box, usually made from crystal, porcelain and sometimes precious stones, in which they’d put sugar cubes – a luxury at the time – and other delicate sweets symbolising wealth.

When sugar dropped in price and became affordable for everyone, people used almonds instead, at the time an exotic and rare treat. And during the 1200s almonds coated with sugar were the done thing, called confetti. The tradition still holds, with five almonds presented in a smart box to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. It’s clever stuff, since the bitter almond flavour and the sweet sugar are metaphors for the often bittersweet nature of marriage.

Today, we give all sorts of different favours to wedding guests, everything from scented candles and soaps to silver chains, cufflinks, photo frames, you name it. But we think the traditional sweet wedding favour, with everything it symbolises, is the loveliest, the most romantic and thoughtful of all.

How would you like your fudge wedding favours?

You have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love. You’re getting married. It’s going to be amazing. If you’d like to hand out wedding favours in the shape of the most delicious fudge the nation has to offer, we’re delighted to oblige. If you like we can pre-wrap it for you in a gorgeous little customised bag. Or we can send it to you loose, so you can make or buy your own containers or packaging.

We’ve created a simple online form to fill in, where you give us the information we need to make a start. Then we get in touch for a friendly, informal chat to pin things down, either by email or over the phone. It’s really easy, which is good to know when arranging a wedding is such an enormous and complicated project management task.

Fudge wedding favour flavours to die for!

You can pick and choose from five totally delicious flavours: piquant chilli, rich clotted cream, legendary toffee and walnut, sophisticated stem ginger or luxurious white chocolate. If you’re not sure what you want, just click the ‘not sure’ option and we can discuss your choice in person if you need help deciding.

What makes our fudge extra special?

We use a lovely old fashioned recipe which involves an awful lot of stirring and no unnecessary extras. All that goes into our beautiful, pure fudge is fresh whole milk, butter and clotted cream, condensed milk and sugar. We never, ever use nasties like palm oil. The end result has that magical, slightly sandy, buttery texture you expect from the very best fudge, and because we don’t go crazy with the sugar the flavour is perfectly sweet, not over-the-top sweet. If you want moreish, it’s certainly that!