Roll back time to the mid-1990s and the ‘information superhighway’, the original name for the internet, was still on the horizon. Google didn’t exist. There was no such thing as social media. Nobody had a website. There wasn’t even such a word as ‘website’.

If you wanted to buy some Devon fudge from people like us you had to make a phone call, write a letter, or respond to an advert in a newspaper or magazine if you could find one. Otherwise, unless you were fortunate enough to have a Devon fudge shop in your area, you were stuck, perpetually and miserably fudge-less. What a nightmare!

It’s weird to imagine running a business without the internet

It’s hard to remember what it was like to run a business back then, exclusively in the real world, with no digital world to support marketing and sales. But people managed. People marketed their wares, did business, made money. But it’s so much more fun having a digital world to play in as well as the real one.

Delivering Devon fudge to the world!

Because we have a website anyone, anywhere in the world can buy fudge online from our magical collection. We like to fantasise about people from all over the world making fudge orders: from the depths of the deep green Amazon rainforest, from darkest Africa, exotic Peru, trendy California, even people from super-remote places freezing their bits and bobs off inside the Arctic Circle. We’re already getting more and more popular with discerning fudge-lovers from all over Britain, so maybe international fudge fame is only a step away 😉

Why is Devon famous for fudge?

As a green, fresh rural county with a temperate climate, plus lots of rain, clean air and fertile soil mean Devon has a worldwide reputation for high quality dairy produce. No wonder delights like the Devonshire cream tea are so popular, so much so that a snack of clotted cream, scones and jam is known far and wide as a Devonshire tea, even in far-flung places like Australia and New Zealand.

Our county is also loved for its wonderful fresh ice creams, hand-crafted by numerous Devon creameries and farms and famed far and wide for its luxurious rich full cream flavour. Then there’s cheese. If you’ve never given a Devon Curworthy, Devon Blue, Sharpham or Vulscombe cheese, buy some online and give your taste buds a proper treat.

The Ambrosia creamery’s evocative strapline, Devon knows how they make it so creamy, says it all. They’ve been making custard and creamy rice pudding for generations, right back to 1917. No wonder fudge made with Devon clotted cream is so popular, made all over the county.

The origins of fudge?

Having said all that, it’s more than likely fudge is actually an American invention. Apparently it was the result of a mistake, a batch of caramels that went horribly wrong. Back in 1886 the results of this fortuitous mistake were being sold to keen sweet-lovers in a Baltimore grocery store for 40C a pound. And that’s probably why ‘fudge’ also means to accidentally or purposely mess something up. If you’ve fudged your exams, you’re in trouble. If you fudge your driving test, you won’t pass.

Luckily it’s pretty difficult to fudge your Devon fudge order! Our online ordering system is smooth, fast and secure, and we’ll post your package to you quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to wait too long for that heavenly, Devonly flavour and texture.